Santa Monica Locksmiths Key Cutting For Commercial Santa Monica, CA


 Santa Monica Locksmiths Santa Monica, CA 310-955-5853The humble key is no longer the crudely-cut piece of metal that opens locks; but it has become much more than that. The demand for greater security and the advances in the industry has caused keys to evolve into a level of sophistication that makes it nearly impossible for criminals to easily make copies. This is especially true for commercial establishments, where a higher-grade of security is generally preferred and the lock systems make use of complex keyways that open up only to specially designed keys.

If you ever need a copy, taking a trip down the hardware store will not bear results. What you need is a professional key cutting for commercial  service that can craft even the complex keys with perfection.

Where will I find it?

If you happen to live in Santa Monica, CA area and are looking for a reliable key maker, you’ve found it! Santa Monica Locksmiths is a professional locksmithing agency and has a dedicated commercial locksmith division that caters to the demanding needs of business clients. We own state-of-the-art equipment that enable our experts to precisely craft even the most intricate of keys making our key cutting for commercial  services highly popular in the area.

Our comprehensive key making solutions

Keys, being the mechanical components that they are, undergo wear and tear through constant use and eventually they may break. Also, their miniscule size makes them highly susceptible to being misplaced. A lost key has the caliber to shut down your entire business for a day. You cannot access your premises, or an important file cabinet, and depending upon how much rests on gaining that access, you could lose a day’s productivity or face losses. But you don’t have to! Not with our key cutting for commercial services being just a phone call away. We provide:

  • Mobile solutions:

You don’t have to approach us, but rather we’ll send a team of experts to your location on our mobile vans. Our serviceability extends in and around Santa Monica, and no matter where you are located, we can reach you within 15-20 minutes

  • Onsite service :

Once we get there, we don’t have to go back to our workshop to make the keys for you. All the equipment and the key blanks needed for the job are loaded in our vans and our technicians will work then and there, to deliver the keys.

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